American Airlines Flight AA2936 may have claim for injuries

American Airlines performing Flight AA 2936 from Chicago O’Hare, Illinois to Cedar Rapids, Iowa was climbing after takeoff when cargo smoke was reported and the CRJ-200 aircraft made an emergency landing at DuPage Airport. The flight crew was reportedly wearing oxygen masks but advising the passengers that the noticeable haze was only mist. Passengers reported the smell of smoke. After landing, passengers exited the aircraft and firefighters arrived at the scene. Firefighters reported the smell of smoke. The FAA reported that the aircraft was diverted pursuant to a notification of smoke in the cockpit. The remainder of the flight was canceled. Investigations are underway as to the cause of the smoke inside the aircraft cabin.

Passengers on board likely suffered smoke inhalation, psychological distress, and other injuries as a result of the ordeal. Wisner Law Firm has represented passengers involved following similar occurrences including engine explosions shortly before takeoff in British Airways 2276 and America Airlines 383, engine fire on landing approach in British Airways 762, crash landing in British Airways 38 and LOT 16, and in-flight upset in Qantas 72.

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