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Investigators Look at Engine in O’Hare Plane Fire

Aviation investigators continue to take a closer look at the engine that caught fire on an American Airlines jet at O’Hare International Airport on Friday.

The National Transportation & Safety Board has determined that a disk in the engine turbine failed. NTSB investigators have been in Chicago all weekend trying to figure out why the plane experienced uncontained engine failure, which means parts of the engine exploded in different directions.

How Serious Was The American Airlines Plane Fire At O’Hare?

How Serious Was The American Airlines Plane Fire At O’Hare?

The fire on an American Airlines plane at O’Hare International Airport Friday was frightening for passengers, but how serious was it? And what steps do airlines take to make sure you’re safe?

CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot takes a look.

There’s smoke as fire consumes an American Airlines plane on an O’Hare runway Friday. The cause? Uncontained engine failure. A disc inside the plane’s right engine failed, sending engine parts flying nearly 3,000 feet away.

NTSB Says Investigation Into American Airlines Plane Fire at O’Hare Airport Could Take Months

The National Transportation Safety Board says it will likely be months before a formal cause is established for Friday’s incident involving an engine explosion on an American Airlines 767 at O’Hare.The aircraft suffered what is termed an “uncontained engine failure” as it had just begun its takeoff roll for a flight to Miami. A total of 161 passengers and 9 crew members were safely evacuated during the ensuing fire.

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