Singapore Airlines flight SQ 321

Flight Number

SQ 321

Date of Crash


Location of Crash

London to Singapore

On May 20, 2024, Singapore Airlines flight SQ 321, enroute from London to Singapore, flew into severe turbulence over Myanmar and plummeted 6,000 feet, catapulting passengers into the ceiling and about the aircraft and causing sheer terror. One passenger died of an apparent heart attack and scores sustained serious injuries, including spinal injuries and broken bones. The aircraft was diverted to Bangkok where many passengers remain hospitalized in the intensive care unit.

Contrary to the beliefs of some, turbulence is not a phenomenon which unexpectedly occurs. Rather, it is part of a weather system which should be detected and avoided. The area where this incident occurred is renowned as one of the worst areas for turbulence in the world.

All of the SQ 321 passengers are entitled to fair compensation for their physical and accompanying psychological injuries arising from this turbulence encounter. An action against the air carrier, Singapore Airline, will be governed by the Montreal Convention, an international treaty which governs claims against air carriers arising from injuries sustained during an international flight. The Montreal Convention provides that the air carrier is strictly liable for damages up to 128, 821 Special Drawing Rights, an international monetary fund approximately equal to a current value of $175,000.  The carrier is responsible for the payment of additional damages unless it can prove that its negligence did not cause the passenger’s injuries. 

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