Atlasjet Flight KK-4203

Flight Number


Date of Crash


Location of Crash

Isparta Province, Turkey

In flight from Istanbul to Isparta in 2007, Turkey, the aircraft crashed in a rocky mountainous area near the destination airport. All 57 people on board perished in the crash. Upon investigation by Wisner Law Firm and our colleagues, it was determined that the enhanced ground proximity warning system (EGPWS) had failed. The system was designed to monitor the aircraft’s position in relation to the terrain surrounding it and sound an alert if the aircraft was in a position of danger. Though suit was brought against the American manufacturers in Chicago, Illinois, the defendants contended that Turkey was the proper forum for the suit. After failing to convince a trial judge that the case should be dismissed and re-filed in Turkey, the corporations attempted to persuade the Court of Appeals. Wisner argued in opposition and won. The Appellate Court made it very clear that foreign plaintiffs may bring American corporations to justice in American courts.

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Floyd Wisner

The founder of Wisner Law Firm, Floyd A. Wisner, is approaching his 38th year in the practice of law. He is a skilled veteran aviation attorney who has successfully represented clients in virtually every major airline and aviation disaster over the last two decades.

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Alexandra M. Wisner | Aviation Attorney

Alexandra Wisner

Alexandra M. Wisner is an aviation attorney that focuses her practice on complex product liability and claims brought under the Montreal Convention. Since joining Wisner Law Firm, P.C. in July 2014, Alexandra has served as co-counsel with the aviation attorney Floyd A. Wisner on an array of aviation litigation & law matters.

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