Investigation into BA2276

A Boeing 777-236 operating as British Airways Flight BA2276 caught fire at McCarron International Airport (Las Vegas) on September 8, 2015 shortly after the flight crew reported a left engine failure.
After initiating take-off procedures, one of the pilots had declared MAYDAY and requested fire services on the runway. Take-off was aborted and a fire developed causing the pilots to order an emergency evacuation of the 159 passengers and 13 crew. Airport fire services attended and extinguished the fire in the left engine. FAA inspectors arrived on the scene within the hour to inspect the left engine.

An investigation into the incident is now underway by investigators from the NTSB in the U.S. and AAIB in the United Kingdom.

Wisner Law Firm has partnered with London-based Stewarts Law to commence an investigation into the incident based on their experience in jointly handling cases involving other instances of emergency evacuations and landings, including:

British Airways Flight 762 – May 2013 – London
The London-to-Oslo flight turned back to Heathrow Airport soon after takeoff. Passengers and witnesses saw smoke and flames emanating from Airbus A320. The 75 passengers and crew were evacuated via emergency slides on landing.

Lot Airways Flight 16 – November 2011 – Warsaw
“Gear-up” or “belly” landing and subsequent evacuation at Warsaw airport of Boeing 767-300ER due to a leak in the hydraulic system of the primary landing gear.

Continental 1404 – December 2008 – Denver, USA
During take-off, the Boeing 737-524 veered off the runway, crashed into a ravine, and caught fire. The 110 passengers and 5 crewmembers on board were all evacuated.

Qantas Flight 072 – October 2008 – Australia
Airbus A330 was en route from Singapore to Australia when an in-flight malfunction occurred which resulted in the aircraft making 2 separate uncommanded downward pitches. The aircraft made an emergency landing.

British Airways Flight 038 – January 2008 – London
Boeing 777 crash landed at Heathrow Airport on approach. Ice crystals in the fuel had caused the Rolls-Royce engine to fail.