Germanwings Flight 4U-9525

Germanwings Flight 4U-9525

Wisner Law Firm and Stewarts Law LLP have been joined by KA Legal S.L. and Zuhorn & Partner to assist families who lost a loved one onboard Germanwings Flight 4U-9525. Floyd A. Wisner, founder of Wisner Law Firm, has previously been involved in two cases where pilot suicide was suspected to be the primary cause of the accident, Egypt Air Flight 990 (1999) and Silk Air Flight 185 (1997). We are also assisting many international families who lost their loved ones on-board Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, where intentional pilot misconduct remains a prominent theory of loss.

Families of Germanwings Flight 4U-9525 who wish to find out more regarding how we can assist and support should contact Floyd A. Wisner or Alexandra M. Wisner, James Healy-Pratt or Sarah Stewart in the UK, Marita Dargallo Nieto in Spain, or Dr. Thomas Balzer in Germany.
Contact details are as follows:

Floyd A. Wisner (Founder of Wisner Law Firm): +1 630 262 9434

Alexandra M. Wisner (Associate Attorney): +1 630 262 9434

– James Healy-Pratt (Partner and Head of Aviation and Travel, UK): 0044 20 7822 8013

– Sarah Stewart (Partner, UK): 0044 20 7822 8012

– Marita Dargallo Nieto (Spain): +34 934 874 516

– Dr. Thomas Balzer (Germany): +49 (0)201 842 94 0