Dynamic Airways Flight 405

On October 29, 2015, an engine on Dynamics Airways flight 405 bound from Florida’s Ft Lauderdale Airport to Caracas, Venezuela with 101 passengers and crew on board caught fire, causing serious physical injuries to some passengers and psychological injuries to all those on board. This was the second such engine fire on a Boeing aircraft in a matter of weeks. On September 8, 2015, an engine on a Boeing 777 aircraft being operated by British Airways as Flight BA 2276 from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA to London’s Gatwick Airport suffered an uncontained failure, resulting in a fire causing physical and psychological injuries to passengers and crew.

Wisner Law Firm, together with Stewarts Law in the United Kingdom, is representing approximately 75 persons on board BA 2276 in claims against The Boeing Co., the aircraft manufacturer, and GE, the manufacturer of the engines on that Boeing 777 aircraft. These firms also are advising passengers and crew on Dynamic Airways flight 405.

Passengers and crew of Dynamics Airways 405 may assert claims against Boeing, as the aircraft manufacturer, and United Technologies Corp., which through its Pratt & Whitney division manufactured the engines on the Boeing 767 aircraft. All those on board the aircraft have a claim for psychological damages against these manufacturers even if they did not suffer physical injuries. Psychological injuries resulting from being on board an aircraft which is on fire are serious, warranting fair redress and compensation.

Wisner Law Firm has successfully represented numerous passengers and crew suffering psychological injuries from near catastrophic occurrences on board aircraft as the result of mechanical failures. These include British Airways flight 038, Qantas flight 72 and LOT flight 016. Wisner Law Firm would be pleased to advise those on board Dynamics Airways flight 405 as to their legal rights in this matter.

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